Why You Shouldn’t Use Hard Water in Water Heaters

If your tap water comes from an artesian well or some other untreated source, chances are you’re getting hard water. If this is the case, using it with a water heater can be problematic in the long run, according to affordable plumbing experts.

Water Heater Unit

Here’s why this is so and what you can do about it.

The Problems With Hard Water

Hard water contains high concentration of minerals, as well as insoluble metals and salts. Its most common trait is a mineral taste. When used with soap, detergent, or hair products, it produces very little amounts of bubbles and leaves hard-to-remove “bathtub rings” and water stains when dried. Boiling the water leaves hard white deposits or “scales” on the inside of a kettle. These deposits are made of several substances but are predominantly calcium and magnesium.

There are many ways to treat hard water, such as heating the water or using commercially available water softeners. However, we strongly recommend not to use your water heaters to direct untreated hard water.

The Effects of Hard Water on Water Heaters

While conventional water heaters can soften hard water to some degree, it creates mineral deposits just like the aforementioned ones that accumulate in kettles. In addition to the annoying white scales that later mix with the hot water, most of it will settle at the bottom of the tank and place unwanted insulation on the heating source. As it accumulates over time, the heater consumes more energy, has reduced capacity, and may even prematurely break down.

While it is generally recommended that you flush the water heater every three months or so (or as instructed by the care and maintenance guide), it may not always be as effective. If you are experiencing such problems, the best thing to do is to have your water heating system professionally inspected, maintained, and repaired as needed.

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