Spring HVAC Checklist

The Ultimate Spring HVAC Checklist

The warmer temps are almost here and with that, homeowners have to be certain that their HVAC systems are prepared to keep their homes comfortable. Once spring is over, there’s a few things you should do for your HVAC system to make sure that it is ready for summer. Here’s the perfect checklist to troubleshoot your system and keep your home cool.

Inspect your filter

After a pollen rich spring season, your system’s filter is often dirty. If you aren’t on top of
routine filter cleaning and replacement, your system could be suffering to provide the
clean and cool air that your home requires in the spring and summer seasons. Always
start with your air filter to ensure that your system is protected from dust and dander that
can compromise the performance and shorten the lifespan of any unit.

Check for wear and tear

Anything that is obvious to the untrained eye, is likely a serious issue and should be
addressed before putting your system through a long summer season. Check each
component of your system – thermostat, condenser, ducts and vents – for scratches,
holes, rust and any other signs of wear that will require servicing.

Clean your unit

A simple dusting of your unit can go a long way. Not only will it take away some of the
strain on your air filter, but it could unveil some underlying issues. Be sure to clear your
outdoor unit of debris, animal waste, vegetation and other things that can compromise
energy efficiency.

Tune-up your thermostat

Take the time to open up your thermostat and carefully inspect its contents. If you aren’t
sure how new your batteries are, feel free to replace them just in case to prevent system
malfunction. Even dust on your unit can affect its reading as well as thermostat
placement in terms of heat sources and breezeways. Make sure that you are adhering to
thermostat best practices to prevent your system from running inefficiently.

Test your system

Once you’ve taken care of certain obvious fixes, go ahead and run your system at a
lower temperature than normal to make sure it is ready to handle hotter weather. It’s best
to check for system failure before you really need your system in order to keep your
home safely cooled.

Schedule routine pre-summer HVAC maintenance

Even if you don’t identify red-flags in your system, there may be underlying concerns
that a qualified technician can troubleshoot and fix. To have receive quality HVAC
maintenance from a Rancho Cucamonga HVAC technician, contact $25 Plumbing
Heating & Air Conditioning for our total commitment to quality service.


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