Furnace Inspection

Quality Performance Requires Annual Furnace Maintenance

Furnace InspectionIt’s not unusual for homeowners to put a great deal of time and energy into maintaining their homes; however, when it comes to their HVAC system, this same attentional is often lacking. Unfortunately, heating and cooling equipment that is not serviced on a regular basis can lead to many problems, including a complete breakdown or expensive repairs. Whether you want to improve efficiency or protect your furnace so that it can provide many years of reliable heating, annual furnace maintenance is essential.

Annual furnace maintenance can help ensure your furnace operates smoothly. A smooth running furnace is able to not only offer better energy efficiency, but it also places less wear and tear on internal components. This can reduce the need for repairs and minimize breakdowns.

As your furnace heats your home, it draws air through the filter. When the air filter gets dirty and clogged with debris, your furnace will need to work much harder to get the air it needs. This can cause unnecessary stress and reduce the reliability and life expectancy of your equipment. While energy efficiency and a longer life span are certainly important reasons to schedule annual furnace maintenance, it is important to keep in mind that it also offers a healthier environment. When furnace filters are dirty, small particles can be dislodged and recirculated back into your home. This reduces indoor air quality and can contribute to health problems like allergies and asthma.

Another important factor in routine furnace maintenance is the calibration of your furnace’s thermostat. A properly set thermostat will allow you to regulate the temperature more precisely. Of course, a major concern with any gas appliance is its safety. When you have a gas furnace, normal operation will mean the release of carbon monoxide. This carbon monoxide must be exhausted out of your home in order to keep your family safe. During annual furnace maintenance, a professional HVAC contractor will be able to ensure your furnace is not only functioning at its best, but that it is also operating safely.

When you want quality performance and energy efficiency, give us a call to schedule your annual furnace maintenance.

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