Plumbing Problem Repair

Plumbing Problems You Can’t DIY

While YouTube can be a valid place to get advice on your water system, it still can’t replace the touch of a professional and certified plumber. Before you strap on that tool belt and begin taking things apart in the bathroom or under the sink, here are the problems that you need to watch out for and could be too difficult for you to fix:


DIY Repair for Plumbing Problems

Clogged Pipes

If you think that the clog is caused by a one-time blockage or you know what’s blocking it down there, then it’s quite an easy job. But if the clog happens often and you’ve already used liquid solvent, hot water, a plunger and other methods, then it’s time to call an expert plumber. This may require opening up the whole bottom of your sink or even tracing the actual blockage somewhere further.

Fowl Smell Coming Up From Drain Pipes

When you can’t figure out the problem with your perpetually smelly bathroom or kitchen, your drain pipes could actually be issuing sewer gas. You can pour all the baking powder, vinegar, and store-bought liquids you want, but if the smell persists, then you need a professional to check and clean the pipes. Without an expert’s help, things can only get worse.

Rumbling Sounds From the Water Heater

You may be tempted to open up your tank and see if something is inside the water heater. You may inadvertently damage it unless you’re a professional plumber. Ask an expert about any noises, rust, or water that’s leaking outside of your heater.


Blocking a leak with sealant is not enough. A plumbing master can trace all the cracks and find the moisture that the leak accumulated. This way, you can even prevent the mold and mildew that could have formed from the leak.

Hassle-Free Plumbing Is a Call Away

While DIYing your pipes, sinks, and bathrooms can save you a bit of money now, you may be facing bigger costs in the future if you let your home become neglected. Call 25 Dollar Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning at (909) 980-4109 today for easy and efficient plumbing fixes.