Neglected And Dirty Filters Lead To Heating And Cooling System Failure

Have you changed your HVAC system’s air filter lately? If you have not, you really should. According to Energy Star, which is the Department of Energy and EPA’s joint venture, dirt and neglect in tandem are the number one cause of HVAC system failure. Just as your car will not run well without regular oil

Getting Your Furnace Ready For Winter

When it comes to making sure you are ready for winter the first thing you want to do is make sure that your gas furnace is up to the job when increase the thermostat setting. Most people tend to put the function of their furnace out of their mind during the warmer months and this

Easy Home Projects To Save Money This Winter

Saving energy and heating costs during winter Heating, during winter, is a necessity not a luxury. That said, it does not mean that people should bear high costs just to have sufficient heating; ways to reduce heating costs should be put in place. While most people assume that only professional HVAC service can help them

Department Of Energy To Develop Innovative Heating Cooling And Insulation Technologies

  The rush to get a quality HVAC unit in order to survive the blistering summer and the freezing winters has been given a shot in the arm by the Federal Government. The US Department of Energy recently announced that they would develop innovative heating cooling and insulation technologies for HVAC equipment in order to

Air Conditioning Repair And Maintenance

Everyone in Glendora understands the benefits of having a well functioning Air Conditioning unit. However, we don’t always take the right steps to ensure that our A/Cs are in tip top shape. Perhaps if Glendora locals had a better understanding of the different components of their air conditioners and why they require routine maintenance, they