Furnace Inspection

Quality Performance Requires Annual Furnace Maintenance

It’s not unusual for homeowners to put a great deal of time and energy into maintaining their homes; however, when it comes to their HVAC system, this same attentional is often lacking. Unfortunately, heating and cooling equipment that is not serviced on a regular basis can lead to many problems, including a complete breakdown or […]

HVAC System Contractor

What Are Some Signs My Furnace Isn’t Working Properly?

Your furnace might exhibit telltale signs of possible malfunctions that require appropriate action, beyond your scheduled furnace maintenance and inspection. Irregular and unusual noises, odors, flames and heating comprise furnace warning signs that efficient furnace operation is not achieved. Appropriate action can save your furnace from more complicated problems, as well as ensure your safety. […]

Enforcement Of AFUE Ratings Is Currently At A Standstill

The U.S Department of Energy, or the DOE, works hard to ensure that energy consumption in the U.S. is kept to a minimum. This is an effort to protect the environment as well as the few precious natural resources we have left. One of the DOE’s main areas of concentration is placed upon HVAC Efficiency. […]

AC Technician

Home Power Surge Protection Is Crucial To The Longevity Of Your HVAC System

Is Your HVAC System Protected From Power Surges? This is a question that every homeowner needs to ask themselves. When your home utilizes electricity to run everything from your HVAC system to televisions, stereo equipment, dishwasher and other appliances, making sure you have the home power surge protection you need is extremely important. Whether it […]

Cooling Tips For Your Home

The thought of summer brings to mind a trip to the beach or spending time by the pool with a cold drink. However, summer can also mean mercury–bursting, sweltering days and night filled with humidity and oppressive heat. On such days, everyone’s first instinct is to set the thermostat as low as possible; however, there […]

Energy Savings Tips For Making A Summer Energy Saving Plan

“Shut the door! Were you raised in a barn?” What parent has not heard or said that expression at some point in his or her life. When the cost of air conditioning is so expensive, children coming in and out leaving doors open to release air conditioning to the yard is a big problem. Take […]

Poor Cooling Might Indicate Central Air Conditioner Needs Charged

With temperatures finally on the rise, many homeowners are turning to their air conditioning system to get a little relief. Unfortunately, sometimes problems arise and you find that your central air conditioning system is simply not providing the cooling benefits you need. There can be many reasons why your air conditioner is not providing sufficient […]

Air Filter System

Neglected And Dirty Filters Lead To Heating And Cooling System Failure

Have you changed your HVAC system’s air filter lately? If you have not, you really should. According to Energy Star, which is the Department of Energy and EPA’s joint venture, dirt and neglect in tandem are the number one cause of HVAC system failure. Just as your car will not run well without regular oil […]

Getting Your Furnace Ready For Winter

When it comes to making sure you are ready for winter the first thing you want to do is make sure that your gas furnace is up to the job when increase the thermostat setting. Most people tend to put the function of their furnace out of their mind during the warmer months and this […]

Easy Home Projects To Save Money This Winter

Saving energy and heating costs during winter Heating, during winter, is a necessity not a luxury. That said, it does not mean that people should bear high costs just to have sufficient heating; ways to reduce heating costs should be put in place. While most people assume that only professional HVAC service can help them […]