Water heater

Troubleshooting Water Heater Problems

Learning to recognize the signs of water heater problems can help you make the wisest decision when you are trying to decide if you need to call for professional help. Some problems are easy enough to solve on your own and that can save you money on an unnecessary repair bill. It is just as […]

Climate control in building

How Does The Office Temperature Effect Your Productivity?

The air temperature in your office plays a big role in your overall productivity. It appears that working at a comfortable temperature will make you more productive, yet people tend to take the effects that a few degrees makes for granted. There have been numerous studies done on the temperature your office needs to be […]

commercial air conditioning system

Preventing Legionnaires Disease In Buildings

Legionnaires Disease was first discovered during an outbreak of pneumonia at an American Legion Convention held in Philadelphia in 1976. Conventioneers who attended the event went down with high fever, chills, cough, muscle aches, and fatigue. Eventually, the causative organism as identified as Legionella pneumophila and the disease was called Legionnaires Disease. Poor ventilation systems […]

Air conditioners

Is The Air In Your Building Unhealthy

Commercial indoor air quality, and whether or not the air in your building is unhealthy, is not always one of the first things that pops into one’s mind, but the truth of the matter is that it is vitally important. The health of the individuals working in that building, as well as those just visiting […]


Steps For Getting Rid Of Drain Flies

Drain flies are pesky little creatures that make their homes in organic matter found in drains. As they lay eggs and hatch, drain flies can become quite the nuisance if they are not dealt with immediately. In fact the eggs hatch within 36-48 hours so it is easy to see how quickly drains can become […]

Air Conditioning Repair

Tips To Keep Your Business’ HVAC System Running Properly

Businesses depend on the HVAC system to keep their staff comfortable and productive. It also ensures that their machinery runs cool and efficient. Any breakdown will result in a number of difficulties including employee dissatisfaction, task delays, productivity plunge, overheating equipment, and so on. The best way to prevent all these is to introduce commercial […]

Everything You Need To Know About Water Heaters

A few years ago,the water heater was the single largest load in a typical home. Today, however, new technologies have made them more efficient, accounting for less than 18 percent of your energy bill. Water heaters provide your home with hot water for bathing and washing among other things. The following are the most popular […]

Fans Or A/C – Which Is Better?

Before the 1900s, mechanical fans were considered as the most sophisticated and preferred cooling device. They were used in various applications from residential cooling to commercial processes. They are still widely used today albeit they no longer occupy the dominant position in most people’s minds. Fans are cheap and they get the job done without […]

Replacing A Furnace? Five Things To Think About Before You Do

Replacing your furnace can be a stressful proposition. The average life of a heating unit is between 10 and 20 years, meaning this is a purchase that one does not make often. Because of that, along with ever-changing technology over the past decade, furnace replacement can be confusing. Before you invest several thousand dollars in […]

Temperature Control Tips & Tricks For HVAC Systems

If you want your AC units to run efficiently then you should follow some HVAC tips. A lot of people are ignorant about how to care for their HVAC systems, which is why they face problems when the summer season sets in. To prevent this from happening, it is advisable to call for a professional […]