Is the Lowest Price the Best? Reasons to be Wary of Bargain-Rate HVAC Repairs

We’ve all heard the one about how “if it looks too good to be true it probably is.” Unfortunately bargain-rate HVAC companies prove the truth behind this aphorism time and time again.

In life it is always tempting to accept extremely cheap offers when they come our way. But you should never do this when your HVAC system needs repairs. Trust us, if you do the chances you’ll live to regret it are excellent.

When a Bargain is No Bargain

When we warn you about “bargain-rate” HVAC companies we aren’t talking about established businesses that come in with quotes a bit below their competitors. We are instead referring to operators who quote prices so low they don’t seem realistic. When this happens there’s something rotten in the state of Denmark and you would be wise not to go there.

So what kind of service can you expect from mega-low-cost HVAC installers and technicians? History provides some appalling answers to this question.

If you hire a bargain-rate company, you may:

  • Be charged for repairs you don’t actually need.
  • Get a bargain quote with hidden extra charges you don’t find out about until the bill comes due.
  • Receive an initial pre-repair diagnosis that is later changed to something else—something that will cost you a lot more to have fixed, naturally.
  • Be told that failure is imminent and that you need to replace an expensive part in your HVAC system immediately.
  • Be left in shock and dismay when a newly-installed HVAC component breaks down shortly after the bargain company’s installer leaves your home.
  • Be forced to let the bargain-rate company’s incompetent employees back in your home again and again, when they repeatedly fail to correctly diagnose and fix your problem.
  • Lose valuable funds you need to feed your family and pay your other bills, all because of what you had to pay that “bargain-rate” company you chose to repair and maintain your HVAC system.

It’s not a pretty picture, is it? Sadly these are common results when the lowest-price quote is accepted without deeper investigation.

Look Before You Leap

Before you hire any company to handle your HVAC affairs take an extensive look into their background first. Read as many reviews of their work as you can find, and talk to their representatives on the phone or in-person to get a better sense of who they are and what they’re about. Find out if they’re a factory-authorized dealer for a respected line of HVAC products. Ask to see the credentials of their technicians and find out what kind of training they’ve had and what kind of certifications they carry.

In HVAC as in everything else it is always best to look before you leap, and that means never contracting a company to do your repair work simply because they give you a super-low upfront quote.

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