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Is The Air In Your Building Unhealthy

Commercial indoor air quality, and whether or not the air in your building is unhealthy, is not always one of the first things that pops into one’s mind, but the truth of the matter is that it is vitally important. The health of the individuals working in that building, as well as those just visiting from time to time, can be truly affected. It goes without saying that one’s bottom line results may also be heavily influenced by any unhealthy, negative air quality concerns as well. And the National Energy Management Institute has released the results of a study they conducted, which shows more than 30% of commercial buildings ranking as unhealthy!

The fact of the matter is that there are so many positive reasons to take the time, and make the efforts needed to make sure that air quality is safe, efficient, and healthy. Among these are providing a comfortable place to live or work, minimizing the risks of illness to those in the building, gaining greater productivity from those working there with fewer sick days being taken, and an overall reduction in operating costs because everything is working properly. And the fact that one’s legal exposure is minimized as well, is a less thought of but highly important consideration to be understood. There are many shades of gray in these areas, but taking the time and making the effort to keep your HVAC system working efficiently, is worth the costs involved in doing so. The truth of the matter is that maintaining the system properly is far less costly than allowing it to falter, and then require an extensive overhaul or replacement. That additional attention one takes the time to pay now, will wind up saving them a substantial amount of money moving forward!

If you have found yourself in a position of fielding some complaints from various people in your building, you will want to get on top of things at once! And if you haven’t yet heard any of those complaints, you can fortunately head them off by getting on things now! Please continue to follow us for additional articles regarding your HVAC systems running comfortably and efficiently.