Faulty Furnaces: What Is Short-Cycling, and How to Fix It?

Short-cycling happens when your #products-52“>furnace shuts off practically as soon as it switches on. As a result, it goes to sleep before it actually heats up your space. It’s annoying at best, and uncomfortable at worst. It can be damaging to the components of your heating equipment, and potentially cut the unit off in its prime.

Faulty Furnaces: What Is Short-Cycling, and How to Fix It?

Fortunately, this problems isn’t as complicated as it seems. If your furnace cycles on and off too often, experienced plumbers and HVAC technicians would recommend doing the following:

Determine the Cause

The solution lies in what caused the short-cycling. The most common culprit behind this issue is a clogged filter. Severe accumulation of dirt limits the amount of air that can enter the heat exchanger. As a result, the component overheats. When this happens, the unit’s safety mechanism kicks in to bring the machine’s temperature down. Unless you install a clean filter first, your furnace will keep trying to generate hot air, but to fail just the same.

The other usual suspects are a soot-ridden flame sensor, a badly placed thermostat, an oversized unit and undersized ducts.

Correct Basic Faults

It’s NEVER advisable to fix your faulty furnace on your own. Your equipment is powered by electricity and burns fuel to generate heat; such hazards are not to be messed with. Serious injury is the likely consequence any do-it-yourselfer.

But then again, not all furnace problems call for professional assistance. Replacing a filthy filter, and setting the thermostat correctly are simple solutions to short-cycling.

Get Professional Assistance

If all you can safely do fails, leave the job to a technician before you worsen the situation. A qualified professional will arrive with specialized tools to investigate the real cause of the problem and put a permanent fix to it.

End Short-Cycling With One of the Top HVAC Experts and Plumbers in the Region

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