Energy Savings Tips For Making A Summer Energy Saving Plan

Technician “Shut the door! Were you raised in a barn?” What parent has not heard or said that expression at some point in his or her life. When the cost of air conditioning is so expensive, children coming in and out leaving doors open to release air conditioning to the yard is a big problem. Take the time before hot weather comes to sit down together and get the kids involved in doing Internet research for energy savings tips and ideas. Use them to develop your family’s Summer Energy Savings Plan and get everyone committed to following it to save money.

Everyone in the family needs to participate to make the plan work. These tips are items even the youngest family members can handle.

Throughout the House

•Leave interior doors open to promote cool air flow throughout the house.
•Keep outside doors and windows closed.
•Use natural light in the daytime. Save overhead lights and lamps for nighttime.
•Make sure your air vent is open and not blocked by anything.
•Take short showers instead of long, hot baths.
•Do not leave water running when brushing teeth. Turn water faucet to cold setting when brushing.
•Do not stand and look in the refrigerator while holding the door open. Get what you want and close the door quickly.
•Turn music and television off if you are not listening or watching. Turn off the computer when you are finished with it instead of leaving it in sleep mode.


Train all family members old enough to use the following appliances to use them according to these energy saving guidelines:

•Run the dishwasher only when full. Turn off after the wash cycle.
•Wash all clothes in cold water. Wash only full loads unless you adjust the water level on the load.
•Use dryer only when you will be drying multiple loads. Once it heats for one load, it takes less energy to heat again
•Clean the lint filter after each load.
•Do not open the oven when cooking as a quarter of the heat escapes.
•Microwave more in the summer and use the stove less. It used half the energy.
•If you have a pool, turn the pump and filter off at night.

Call for additional information on how energy efficient HVAC system replacement will also save money in HVAC Energy Savings Home Energy Savings this summer. Then you are ready to put your Energy Saving Plan into action.

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