Easy Home Projects To Save Money This Winter

Saving energy and heating costs during winter

Heating, during winter, is a necessity not a luxury. That said, it does not mean that people should bear high costs just to have sufficient heating; ways to reduce heating costs should be put in place. While most people assume that only professional HVAC service can help them save on their heating expenses, there are many simple and less costly things they can do to reduce heating expenses in their homes. True that a professional heating service such as new heater installation, especially an energy efficient one, and regular heater maintenance must be made at some point, but not for every winter. Some of the simple, home winterizing things that homeowners can do include blocking drafts, cleaning heaters and their surroundings, switching off fans and collecting ample fuel.

Identifying drafts

Prior to blocking drafts/ areas that seep in/ out air, homeowners need to carry out a simple or professional check on which areas seep air. These areas let out warm air and let cold air in, during winter; forcing the homeowner to increase heater’s degree or keep heaters running longer than they would have if all the air were to be contained in the house. A homeowner can inspect drafts by moving around the home with a lit candle and checking which areas blow candle’s flame. Alternatively, he/ she can check on areas that have gathered dirt, especially along door frames or window seals. Roofing materials should also be checked.

Blocking drafts

Once the drafts have been identified, the home owner can call in a HVAC professional or purchase window seals, caulks and other adhesives, which he/ she can use to seal the drafts. Additionally, areas such as under the doors, basement floors, inadequately insulated walls and roofs can be covered with available materials such as cloths. This ensures adequate insulation, hence containment of warm air inside the home. The electrical or gas heater can then run for shorter duration, warming the house, and then switched off. The consumption of wood and coal among other fuels also reduces as once the home heats adequately the fire can be put off.

Professional HVAC Service

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning experts have the skills to identify a home’s heating needs, potential problems with heaters and other equipment, as well as energy efficient heaters. A home owner should contract these professionals, once in a while, to do new heater installation, replacement/ repair, heater maintenance among any other required heating service. Regular maintenance ensures the heaters work at optimum and that potential problems can be fixed on time, before breaking suddenly on the coldest winter day.

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