Drain Repair

Sometimes our drains can begin to back up, and we have to pay expensive fees to repair them. The damage caused by a drain backup can be significant if left untreated. Using chemical home remedies can either be ineffective or harmful to your health and plumbing. The best option is to opt for preventative drain cleaning services to help prevent issues in the future, which can save you money in the long run.  



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Potential Risks

If your drain begins to back up or omit a foul odor, it can start to damage your pipes. Hiring a repair company that doesn’t have an excellent reputation, certifications, or proper training and experience can lead to additional problems or a recurrence of the same problem if the pipes aren’t properly cleaned and repaired. The most severe issues in your plumbing can lead to expensive repairs and headaches that could have been avoided with regular cleaning, inspection, and maintenance of your plumbing.

How Drain Cleaning Works

As a regularly occurring plan for maintenance, drain cleaning can be completed promptly using state-of-the-art equipment, tools, and professional expertise to efficiently remove all of the waste that can cause (or is already causing) clogs in your pipes. Our team of technicians is trained to identify any potential problems and clear the blockage while carefully avoiding any damage to the piping and fixtures. If a broken plumbing fixture is hindering your pipes, our team can fix it and prevent further issues. With certifications to handle potentially hazardous situations, our team can address clogs, drains, septic piping, and any other plumbing related concerns before they become a devastating problem.



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What Causes Blocked Drains?

Knowing what can cause harmful clogging in your drains can help save you time and money by avoiding specific materials from going down your pipes. The most common causes of drain blockage include:

  • Hair and soap scum buildup. Invest in a drain guard for all of your drains to help catch potential hazards, including hair and excess soap. Cleaning your drain guards frequently will help avoid an accumulation of the items that can obstruct your drains.
  • Dirt. Mud can be damaging to your pipes, so it is best to shake off any excess materials from your body and clothing prior to washing them.
  • Food and oils. You can start your own composting system to help benefit your pipes and the environment by reducing food waste from going down your drains. Compost can be used to feed plants, so you could start a home garden. Oil should be blotted off from any food you are tossing, or gathered into a receptacle and thrown away rather than poured down the drain. Garbage disposals are meant to catch small food particles, not for tossing everything into your kitchen sink.
  • Coffee grounds. These can be used as mulch for your plants or thrown into the garbage.


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