Clogged Pipe Repair

Clogged Pipes: When to Call a Professional

We’ve all been there. Your newly potty-trained son puts a little too much paper in the toilet or your teenage daughter has been forgetting to clean her hair from the shower drain. Your pipes start to clog up, and water starts backing up into the toilet or tub.

Clogged pipes and drains are one of the most frequent plumbing issues that most homeowners experience. Whether you or your spouse handles the dirty work, there is often a way to address these plumbing issues without calling an expert. Though many situations can be remedied with a simple, DIY solution like a plunger or drain stick, some other problems are a bit more complicated, requiring homeowners to call in a professional plumber. But how do you know if your problem requires professional help?

3 Signs You Need to Call a Professional Plumber

Here are just a few signs that your clogged pipes require more than just a few moments with a plunger:

  1. You are experiencing repeated clogs.

Repeated clogs are usually a sign of something a bit more complex than a temporary obstruction. Using a snake will only provide a short-term solution as the hole will start to quickly close up again as sludge continues to accumulate deep in the pipe. Commercial drain cleaners can also introduce harmful chemicals that can ruin the pipes and start to affect your health. A professional plumber can help offer a more permanent and safe solution with professional drain cleaning services.

  1. Your drains are running slow even though you can’t identify a clog.

If you have tried looking for a clog, but your drains appear to still be running slowly, then you may have a much more complicated issue that requires the expertise of a professional plumber. Rather than trying to fix the problem by yourself without success or resulting to a dangerous DIY plumbing hack, contact a professional plumber to diagnose and fix the issue. If the issue is due to an air vent problem, then the repair will require the work of a professional.

  1. Unclogging your pipes requires professional-grade equipment.

Some clogs just will not respond to simple remedies like the common snake or plunger that you can find at your nearest home improvement store. Some homeowners may be tempted to spend hundreds of dollars on drain cleaning equipment in an attempt to clear up tough clogs. However, this is by no means professional equipment and may not solve your problem. If you find that you are not able to unclog your pipes yourself, it is more timely and cost effective to call in a professional. There is a good chance that you will actually save money in the long run by finding an effective solution the first time around and making sure that there are not any bigger issues with your plumbing.

Not sure if your problems require a professional plumber? We’d be glad to help you figure it out. Give us a call today at (909) 980-4109.

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