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Why You Should Avoid Store-bought Drain Cleaners

The alarm goes off. Time for a nice, refreshing shower before work! You turn on the water – no issues, your water pressure is fine. However, before you can finish cleaning your body, lathering & rinsing your hair, and singing your rendition of your favorite song – you notice it. Again.

Your shower is becoming a bath. You’re standing in inches of water and the drain, while making the occasional glug, isn’t doing its job.

Most homeowners – including your dad, as it turns out – would recommend you hit the store and grab some Drain-o-tron Super-Clean liquid and send that burning down your pipes. Job well done, right?

Wrong. Chemical drain cleaners are kind of a big problem. Please review some of the problems we identify about the drain cleaners from the store:

Why Chemical Drain Cleaners are a Problem

Drain cleaners are sketchy for your health

Drain cleaners are made entirely from synthetic chemicals. These chemicals are powerful because their purpose is to break down and fully dissolve the debris inside of your drain that is stopping it up. Let’s think about that: what would a chemical compound need to be made from in order to completely break down the various materials inside of your drain? Is that the kind of chemical compound you want to make contact with on your skin, or in the air you breathe?

The dermal absorption or inhalation of these chemicals is dangerous for you because they are

Drain cleaners are chock full of powerful chemicals that work by literally dissolving away the hair and grime that’s slowing your drain’s function. Like bleach on steroids, drain cleaning chemicals leave behind vapors long after use which stick around and can harm you and your family.

Drain cleaners poorly affect your pipes

Let’s go back to the chemistry lesson. Your drain cleaner can tear through hair, coagulated hygiene products, and whatever other debris is lurking in your drain. It’s corrosive. This means that over time, your drain cleaner could also corrode your pipes. It’s a problem. Many drain cleaners are made with hydrochloric acid and other chemicals that can degrade the condition of your pipes and cause damage to the surfaces of your bathtub, sink, or other drain surroundings.

Drain cleaners just don’t work that well 

You just want a trustworthy and functional drain. So, you’re willing to face the problems listed above to get the results you want, right? Listen, before you make that choice, please know this: the drain cleaners you’re buying at the store don’t work that well. Here’s why: If you’ve got a superficial clog resulting from your long, flowing locks or lost bits of bar soap, fine. Your drain cleaner will tear through your clog and you’ll be back in business – assuming you’re okay with the problems listed above. But, what if your draining problems aren’t coming from a clog?

Your sewer line might be broken. You might have a caving pipe. How would you know? If you pour your drain cleaner into an issue like this, it may still resolve the issue temporarily. However, you’re really just applying a very unreliable fix to a problem that is probably getting worse.

There’s good news, here. We can fix your drain problems without poisoning you with chemicals. Professional drain cleaning is safe for your health and the health of your family. With us, you can also be sure that your actual drain problems are diagnosed and tended to – instead of masked with chemicals.

Contact $25 Dollar Plumbing today to take care of your problems so you can go back to singing in the shower.

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