Water Heater Replacement

4 Signs Your Water Heater Is Failing

Your water heater is a machine that can easily be taken for granted and even forgotten. Some things that happen in your home could be pertaining to a damaged water heater but you may be unaware.

Water Heater Replacement

To help homeowners, our experts have gathered their experience and identified the four most glaring signs that your water heater is about to fail:

1. There Is Moisture Forming Outside the Tank

You would think this is all right since it’s a water heater, but it’s actually a leading sign that your system needs replacement. Moisture outside the tank could be due to the presence of microcracks. This means that both water and heat escapes, indicating that there will soon be a bigger leak.

2. Rumbling and Banging Noises

When you use your water heater, sediment normally builds up. Through the heating and reheating process, the tiny rocks and sand at the bottom of your heater will eventually harden, and make different kinds of noises when you turn it on. When you hear rumbling, banging, and other noises coming from your heater, it’s time to replace it.

The uneven surface at the bottom of the tank along with the added material will make your heater brittle. It can eventually lead to actual holes with extended use.

3. Rusty Water

While this is not necessarily an indication that your water heater is about to fail, it definitely means something is wrong. To eliminate the other possibilities, you must drain your tank and fill it again with water. If there is still rust after draining three times, then the problem is the tank itself.

Your pipes may be rusted too. Have a plumber come to your home and check for the source of the rust in the water. Certified plumbing professionals are trained to identify any problems with your heater.

4. Your Heater’s Age

Check the serial number on your heater. Most of the time, the two numbers after the first letter on the serial digits indicate the date. If the serial number starts with A08, the unit was made in January (as A is the first letter and January is the first month) in 2008. Any heater above ten years old should be replaced.

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